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We grow Chinese and Chinese hybrid chestnuts


Chinese chestnuts have a richer, sweeter flavor


Chinese chestnuts peal more easily


Chinese chestnuts stay fresher, longer

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Orders are taken 7 days/week

from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CST).

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Phone :319/729-5905

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bulletMarket to Market (video) See the Prairie Grove Nut Growers' coop featured on Iowa Public Television's Market to Market.


“The world’s best chestnuts, sustainably grown by family farmers in the rich soil of America’s Heartland.”


Delicious, Nutritious, Healthful

Chestnuts have just the right balance of complex carbohydrates And high quality protein to make them the ideal human food.

Chestnuts are so low in fat, they are considered fat-free.

When properly cured, our chestnuts have a rich, sweet, delicious flavor.

 The most versatile of all nuts-good raw, roasted, boiled, or incorporated into countless recipes.

 We grow them in America’s Heartland: Iowa, Missouri & Illinois

It has long been known that the fertility of the soil where a crop is grown has a profound impact on both the flavor and the nutritional value of that crop.

 The Tall Grass Prairie of America’s Heartland has the richest, most fertile soils on the planet - without equal!

 Most Imported chestnuts - as well as most chestnuts grown on the West Coast are either European, Japanese, or European by Japanese hybrid chestnuts.  European and Japanese (and their hybrids) are often larger in size, but almost always less sweet, more bland, more difficult to peel, and more subject to spoilage compared to Chinese chestnuts.

New Coop Management - As of November 2013, Roger Smith of Columbus Junction, Iowa took over the management of the Prairie Grove Nut Growers Coop. It has been renamed Prairie Grove Chestnut Growers LLC. Mr. Smith has provided a more convenient location to pick up nuts in Columbus Junction. A printable map is available.



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